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- Dilution Probe



The extractive dilution technique is the most widely used method for continuous emission monitoring of SO2 and NOx it is also ideal for use in monitoring CO. And combined with a zirconium oxide sensor also continuous measurement of O2 is possible.

The technique is based on extracting a small sample from the stack, removing particulates by a proprietary filter and then accurately diluting the sample with clean, dry zero air; thus reducing the dew point in order to prevent condensation of water vapor and acid mist in the sample lines. The diluted sample is then sent down unheated umbilical lines to the base of the stack where it is analyzed by high precision gas analyzers. Due to the high sensitivity of these analyzers, dilution doesn’t influence measurement accuracy. In fact, accuracy is improved over other systems since water vapour cannot condense and remove compounds such as SO2 & NO2.

  • No mowing parts
  • Zero velocity filter technique
  • Sample transportation at positive pressure
  • Laser drilled critical sample orifice
  • Heated probe
  • Unheated sampling transportation

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