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Ethanol Blending System


Ethanol Blending is used in a hydrodynamic blender “USB”. This process allows to present all components at the same time in coordination to a formula.The benefit of this technology is in the following: each element dosing accurate control, substantial reduction of batching process duration, no need in batching vessels for finished product homogenization. In the Ethanol Blending process at stream mixer the consumption of each element are controlled for the purpose of providing completed product outlet with parameters wich corresponds to the formulas.

The way and technology of processing in a subsonic stream provides change of structure of processed liquid (several types of liquids), allows to increase the potential of an exit of light fractions; to improve transportation properties - to lower viscosity, to break sulfur and paraffin; it is essential to accelerate process of additives injection by production of gasoline, water fuel emulsions and water coal mixes, production of oils, greasing and technical liquid up to one year and less.

Hydrodynamic ultrasonic systems 'USB' are developed by the individual order, and components of mixing system get out on the basis of need to conform the requirements of your work, whether it be at design of new system for mixing with the minimum difference of pressure, or at development and deployment of a new control system for existing infrastructure. Installations are delivered with full integration of systems and can be established as separate stationary blocks for installation in parks of capacities, on piers or pipelines with the full-fledged integrated system or with a separate control system, or on separate mobile base for application on different loading piers.

Advantages of hydrodynamic cavitation systems

  • Low power consumption;biofuel mixing, biofuel blending, ethanol blending, ethanol mixing, petroleum upgrade, petroleum improve, fuel improve, fuel upgrade, fuel consumption, petroleum consumption
  • High power of cavitation and acoustic influence;
  • Low cost of received cavitational and acoustic energy;
  • Simplicity of operation;
  • High technological effectiveness in hardware registration;
  • It is projected on any productivity;
  • Combine technological operations;
  • Simplifies hardware registration of processes;
  • It is easily aggregated with highly reverse drives;
  • Small metal consumption;
  • Technological adjustability with optimum parameters.

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