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- Model 9140 - Industrial 3G/4G Modem with SMS Alarm & Data Logger



The ETM 9140 is an intelligent 3G/4G modem and SMS alarm combines a powerful microprocessor and built in data logger, with an industrial cellular wireless module, to provide an alarm and monitoring, or serial communications solution for demanding industrial applications.

7 x IO’s

With 3 inputs able to be pulse counters, 5 able to be analogue inputs and all able to be digital inputs or outputs, plus low power consumption of less than 1 milliwatt, the ETM9140 3G/4G AUS is ideal for remote applications where power is unavailable or costly to provide.

Phone Book

The unit has a phone book with 5 numbers, and can send alarms via SMS or IP as well as receive commands and respond to status requests.

Data Logging

Logged data from the unit can include, state, pulse counts and analogue values. Data is sent in csv format to a nominated server and port by IP, from where it can be saved and or redirected by a server application. ETM Pacific can provide a complete logging solution with our ekoCALM service, using either a Telstra SIM provided by ourselves or a SIM provided by the customer. Units for use on ekoCALM can be completely pre-configured by ETM Pacific, so that all that is required on site is to mount the unit, connect the antenna and plug in the power source.

Battery Operation

The ETM9140 3G/4G AUS intelligent modem and SMS alarm has been used with battery packs to provide up to 2+ years continuous monitoring of various parameters including temperature, pulse counts and pressure for pharmaceutical, infrastructure and mining applications.

IO Board

The ETM9140 3G/4G AUS modem can be combined with ETM’s IO board to allow for easy connection of 4-20mA or 0-10V sensors and/or output control via 0-30V relays mounted on the IO Board.

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