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EuRec Disc Separator DSK - a High-performance Screening Machine for difficult Applications. The EuRec Disc Separator - the low-maintenance high-duty separation technology for difficult waste. Domestic waste (residual waste) consists of several components and different organic rates. Rarely, domestic waste is of a dry consistence. Wet organic material has a tendency to clog the screen perforation of commercial screening systems. By this, the screening result goes downhill rapidly and you will have to undertake higher cleaning efforts. That is why there are very high demands on screening technology to be used for domestic waste applications and for application with material of similar composition. The well-known failings of traditional screening technology were basis for the fully new development. Finally the EuRec Disc Separator (DSK) came up.

The EuRec Disc Separator is not only a high-performance screening equipment for the screening of different fractions, but also an efficient machine for automatic separation of organic material, e. g. from residual waste.

While passing the screen deck of EuRec Disc Separators, normally organic fractions will be shredded again, what promotes the separation from high-caloric fractions. EuRec Disc Separators are preferentially used for the screening of organic waste before material is forwarded to composting or biogas plants, further for sewage sludge treatment, screening of brown coal, waste incineration ash, electric scrap, etc. Even on the field of catalyst recycling the use of EuRec Disc Separators was tried and tested. According to the application case, the screen deck of EuRec Disc Separators feeds the screening material with a tip angle of 8° - 20° upwards. Here, the screening material is strongly shaken, discharged and accelerated again before impinging on the screen deck. Without question, this influences the shredding and separation result positively.

The high stage of development of EuRec Disc Separators is protected by 6 patents. Our screening equipment confutes the general view, that for applications with difficult to screen material, e. g. waste, such rotating devices may cause problems. Certainly, during development of the EuRec Disc Separator these problems were known, but also the fact of high throughput of such disc screens. Therefore, our aim was to eliminate all disadvantages of disc screens and star screens on the field of screening waste and recyclable material. The result of our research is what you know as EuRec Disc Separator – well-known and tried and tested. Regarding throughput, separation result, cleaning effort in spite of shorter screen deck, the EuRec Disc Separator defeats them all head and shoulders: drum screens, bar screens, jigger screens, etc. Only on the field of screening fine fractions we recommend to use a EuRec Star Screen instead of EuRec Disc Separator.

At the beginning of the screen deck, there is a feeding conveyor that acts as accelerating conveyor. It forces all spike-like materials into horizontal position, so the well-known blockages as usual for conventional disc screens are prevented.

The shape of the discs is a result of numerous trials in different fields of application. The trapezoid elements at the outer edge of the discs destroy also rarely arising coiling material. Distances between screen discs are not of cylindrical elements as standard for conventional disc screens, but of double-sided arranged truncated cones that lead rarely arising coiled material to the inside where they will be eliminated. Below the screen shafts there is a permanently acting cleaning device that keeps the screen deck clean even in difficult application cases. Base frame, fines conveyor, fines discharge conveyor and oversize discharge conveyor make the screen deck to a complete machine. As a module, it can be integrated into several treatment plants. Because of the good reputation of EuRec® Disc Separators there is still screening equipment offered under a similar name. Nevertheless, the high efficiency and reliability of the original EuRec® Disc Separator is unbeaten. German and international patent law protects our developing advance and our know-how from regardless copyists.

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