EuRec Environmental Technology GmbH

EuRec Environmental Technology GmbH

- Model RBS-2 - Waste Packaging System



High compaction of waste to cylindrical round bales, airtight wrapping with high tearproof film in safe cross bracing. Strips, nets, etc. not required. In spite of large volume (up to 2.83 m³) and large weight, the bales are dimensionally stable, transportable and storable. Even contaminated, but compressible waste can be packed, transported and stored environmentally friendly and harmless. No emission escapes from bales. Further, the RBS-2 comes along with less wearing parts, a definite reduction of production costs. The EuRec® RBS-2 spares energy, further feature for the efficiency of this kind of packaging technology. Later, the stored bales can be opened and utilized easy. Environmentally friendly packaging of waste and recyclable material, e. g. domestic waste, commercial waste, substitute fuel, wood chips, bark, etc. High compaction and production of cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport units, e. g. in waste transfer stations Safe bale transport.

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