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- Model ET3900 - Flue Gas Conditioner for Continuous Emission Monitoring and Stack Sampling



The heated sample extraction gas conditioner of ET3900 is designed for continuous extraction of gas from a process or exhaust stream; stack testing and process monitoring. The heated probes heat the gas sample and keep it hot to eliminate condensation. ET3900 flue gas pretreatment instrument by heated sampling probe, composition and the rapid cooling with heat hose and filter can make the flue gas clean and dry without condensation, it will avoid the SO2 loss before analysis. The ET3900 can make the gas condensation and the liquid rapid separation within few seconds.

Applicable to the boiler, furnace, kiln (cement kilns, glass furnaces, ceramic kilns) baking furnace, coke oven flue gas combustion equipment, exhaust emissions, exhaust gas purification, cooling.

Suitable for all types of gas analyzer, including the hand-held, portable, stationary and other flue gas analyzer.

Anti-corrosion ability.

Peltier condenser, quickly and efficiently achieve the gas-liquid separation.
The condensing liquid will auto drain.
Easy to use, low operation and maintenance costs.

The advantages of the flue gas analysis in use of the pretreatment instrument

1) It can protect the flue gas analyzer effectively, to extend the life of the gas sensor.

2) It can make the different of the sampling gas temperature and humidity can be adjusted to the same test conditions, so that the measured data are comparable.

The length of heated sampling probe: 1.1m

Heated temperature: 95 °C (maximum set temperature of 110 °C)
The length of heat hose: 3m (other lengths can be customized)
Heated hose temperature: 120 °C (the maximum set temperature of 150 °C)
The Peltier condenser: the condensed dew point temperature 5 ° C
Max. flow: 2.5L/m
Weight: 10Kg
Size: 330 x 210 x 350 mm (LxWxH)
Working condition: 5~40 degree C, RH :< 80%
Power: AC 220V/ 50Hz 120W

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