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For sites requiring conventional summa canister samples for soil gas collection, Eurofins Air Toxics can provide additional sampling equipment to assist with purging lines prior to collection, conducting leak checks on the train, monitoring vacuum at the extraction probe and performing an equipment train blank. Equipment available from the lab includes soil gas manifolds, certified and pressurized canisters of zero air or nitrogen and helium shrouds. A range of canister sizes (0.25 to 6 Liters) and flow controllers are available to meet project specific objectives.

Eurofins Air Toxics has a range of TO-15 products to meet your soil gas screening levels. Screening levels can vary widely depending on the regulatory requirements and the type of soil gas sample collected. Screening levels for soil gas extracted directly below a building (sub-slab soil gas) can be in the sub-ppbv range and require a trace level analysis such as TO-15 “Low-level” with reporting limits on the order of 0.1 ppbv. By comparison, deep soil gas samples collected near the contaminant source may require much higher screening levels. These samples also have the potential to contain ppmv or higher concentration levels. Our TO-15 (5&20) product line was designed to handle these types of soil gas with a concentrator optimized to minimize dilution and minimize carryover. 

The TO-15 (5&20) product is a cost-effective soil gas solution providing:

  • Mid-range reporting limits (5 ppbv - 20 ppbv) perfect for soil gas screening levels
  • 1000 X calibration range to effectively analyze high concentration samples
  • Accurate reporting of oxygenates and naphthalene
  • Direct calibration using NIST-traceable vapor phase standards
  • Rigorous cleaning and media certification protocols
  • Full scan MS data allows for full characterization of soil gas
  • Wide selection of leak check compounds available
  • 100% of data validated against TO-15 requirements

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