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- Model STe - Flue Gas Analyser



The handy and ergonomic EUROLYZER STe is an efficient complete solution for installation, inspection and maintenance of heating systems of all types. This flue gas analyser is particularly suited for professional adjustments and inspection measurements at all small combustion systems (low temperature and condensing boilers). The versatile EUROLYZER STe excels with high measuring accuracy, comprehensive functionality and outstanding user-friendliness. O2, COH2, NO (differential) temperature, draft/pressure and differential pressure are easy and quickly to measure with the smart EUOLYZER STe. The calculation of additional parameters such as lambda, combustion efficiency, flue gas loss, dew point, NOx and CO2 make EUROLYZER STe an indispensable companion of heating system professionals.

EUROLYZER® STe is ideally suited for universal application for measuring small and medium-sized oil, gas and pellets fired heating systems and for CO concentration safety checks at gas fired systems. In addition, EUROLYZER® STe is perfect for measurements at bivalent, modulating CHP heating system and for measurements at heating systems with a high proportion of biogenous fuels.

With Bluetooth® and the USB connection, EUROLYZER® STe features comprehensive communication functionality. The measurement results are transferred reliably and fast to Android tablets or smartphones with Bluetooth®. EuroSoft mobile is the ideal tool when it comes to evaluating, storing and viewing the measurement results on your device. EuroSoft mobile is available for practically all modern Android devices. In addition, EUROLYZER® STe features a microSD slot so that you can save your measurement results on microSD/SDHC cards.

  • Lead-free O2 sensor with long service life and short response time, based on 'Eco' technology, resistant to biogenous content in fuels and flue gases
  • H2-compensated CO cell (measuring range up to 10,000 ppm)
  • Flexible measuring with several active display levels
  • 4 Pa measurement (optional)

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