- Plasma Torch


A plasma torch transforms electrical energy into high-density thermal energy, which can reach up to 9000°F – the temperature at the surface of the sun.

A plasma torch is a proficient thermal tool that can replace fossil fuel burners with an efficiency reaching up to 85%. Applied to waste treatment, a plasma torch enables the complete destruction of waste: organic compounds are completely converted into synthesis gas (syngas) and inorganic compounds are transformed into inert glass that can be valorized and sold as aggregate or a compound for road works.
The plasma torch is of interest to any type of heat treatment as it provides ease of operation and reduces costs because of a stable energy price. In addition, the plasma will not cause any form of incineration.

Example of hazardous waste:

  • waste incineration ashes,
  • water treatment units sludge,
  • special industrial waste.

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