- Twine Tying Channel Baling Presses



The machines for all applications without steel wire. The bale is wrapped with a polypropylene twine using the absolutely secure and established double-knot technology.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum operating safety due to completely closed bale channel with press floor, piston valve and knot protection slide
  • Cost saving with twine tying of approx. 60% compared to steel wire
  • No metallic residues in the product
  • Residue-free burning of the twine
  • Throughput rates for EBS of up to 450-500 bales per day possible (2-shift)
  • Version with highly wear-resistant cladding
  • Pressing force of 90-180 kW
  • Bale sizes 750x1100 and 1100x1100
  • Bale weights up to 1200kg

Suitable for compressing:

Lucerne, alfalfa, alternative fuels, macerated residual waste, clothing, carpets, woodchips, straw, hay and other agricultural

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