Castolin Eutectic

EutecTrode XHD-6865



Manual electrode for anti-corrosion protective coatings on carbon and low alloy steels. Marine applications: propeller shaft bearings, ships stabilisers, pumps. Papermaking applications: washing plant equipment, diffuser towers. Chemical industry: equipment exposed to organic industrial acids and caustic solutions. Waste disposal: industrial and chemical waste incinerators.

  • Tensile strength Rm: ~700 N/mm 2
  • Yield strength Rp 0.2: ~460 N/mm 2
  • Elongation A5: ~40 %
  • Hardness (as deposited): 200-240 HV30

  • Excellent resistance to pitting-, crevice and intergranular corrosion, plus fatigue
  • Resistance to high-temperature oxidation (up to 1100°C)
  • Very good resistance to creep at high temperatures

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