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EVAC (Emissions, Volatiles, and Aromatics Control) Unit



EVAC (Emissions, Volatiles, and Aromatics Control) is Superior Fabrication's answer to the ever-increasing need for an environmentally safe way of disposing BTEX and VOC from glycol regeneration units.

The basic EVAC System meets the requirements of CFR title 40, §63.771(d) (1)(ii) as a vapor recovery device (condenser) by reducing the mass content of total HAP by 95% or more. The type of condenser we incorporate is either natural draft, which is typically used on small to medium sized units, or a forced air unit for larger units.

An optional Superior Combustion Device (Flare) can be included with the EVAC unit depending on the customers specifications.

The VOC Superior Combustion Device is designed to burn waste/vent gas from storage tanks, instruments (level controls, etc.), and any other low pressure gas source.

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