- Soluble Fibre with Water Retention


Evanesce is a water soluble fibre. It is a white odourless fibre with the handling characteristics and appearance of a textile fibre. Upon exposure to water, the fibre dissolves rapidly and completely.  It can easily be converted into a diverse range of nonwoven fabrics and spun yarn formats.

Being fibrous, downstream handling is easy. When converted, the Evanesce distribution profiles within final product constructions is extremely uniform. The result is consistent dissolution performance and media integrity throughout.  Evanesce can be produced in a range of staple lengths and decitex, to suit different requirements.

  • Dissolvable nonwovens
  • Dissolvable yarns
  • Adhesives and binders
  • Molding
  • Textile and paper processing

  • Evanesce is soluble in water and water-based solutions
  • Evanesce is a non-irritant
  • Evanesce does not melt. It begins to decompose extremely slowly at temperatures >200°C
  • Evanesce fibre density is approximately 1.4g/ml
  • Evanesce can be blended with a range of synthetic and natural fibres to meet customers end requirements.

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