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Evaporative Cooling Systems



Our proprietary Forward Osmosis (FO) process is a platform technology which can be applied across a number of industries to deliver impressive results. The Group now operates the first evaporative cooling system to use the FO process.

The process reduces operating expenditure when compared with a cooling tower supplied with water by Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO), with a 50% cost saving typically being achieved. It works by producing high quality process water from seawater or brackish water sources, to supply make-up water to the evaporative cooling process via the forward osmosis process. In this way it displaces the use of other costly and scarce water sources, such as desalinated water or treated potable water.

Utilising a fraction of the electricity of a conventional reverse osmosis desalination plant to provide the same quantity of water, this technology has the potential to transform the market.

This radical new process has been demonstrated in a plant situated in Oman, where ongoing operations are achieving excellent results.

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