Evaporative Pad Cooling System



Maintain maximum comfort and production levels, even in extreme heat conditions, with J&D Manufacturing's Evaporative Pad Cooling System. Our Pad System is designed to enhance the cooling capability of your current ventilation system to further reduce the temperature in your greenhouse, poultry house, hog or dairy building. Single layer or stacked pad systems available to cover a small area or an entire sidewall.

  • High efficiency system
  • Largest self contained PVC return gutter on the market today
  • Easy to install, one-piece PVC trough
  • Closed top or open top feature for easy visibility and regulation of water supply
  • Automatic float matches water supply with cooling demands
  • Submersible pumps
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple shutdown for seasonally affected environments
  • Water filter, shutoff, flush valve and bleed-off included in plumbing package
  • Stainless steel and PVC construction to safeguard your investment
  • Optional stainless steel return gutter wall mount brackets

Pad Features:

  • 6' deep pads specially designed and coated for effective evaporation and maximum durability
  • Water is spread evenly over the pad surface as a film rather than droplets for uniform wetting
  • Easy to remove pads with 30/30 or 45/15 angled fluting Pad surface dries quickly in absence of water to inhibit microorganism growth
  • Non-porous surface inhibits algae and minerals from attaching to pads
  • Coated pads are tough and durable for repeated cleaning Improved life expectancy over standard pads Easy to install and remove or replace pads

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