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- Model WINDVIEW 10 - Doppler Wind Lidar



WINDVIEW10 Doppler Wind Profile Lidar is a portable and flexible system to replace the traditional wind cup, which can be installed on a fixed platform, or a moving vehicle or a sailing boat. It can measure wind direction and wind velocity at 40-300m height above the lidar. Its function completely equal to a 300m high anemometer tower meanwhile it has high adaptivity to severe environment and easy to install. WINDVIEW10 can be applied in wind resource assessment, site selection, wind profile measurement, power curve verification, wind source assessment at sea etc.

  1. Precision equals to industrial wind cup anemometer;
  2. Measure wind profile data in multi-gradient simultaneously;
  3. Support lidar network observation;
  4. Allow moving measurement when equipped with GPS, gyroscope;

  1. Wind Power Assessment
  2. Meteorological Observation
  3. Scientific Research

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