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- Model WINDVIEW 12 - Doppler Wind Lidar



WINDVIEW12 is a state-of-art Doppler Wind Lidar for 3D measuring the atmospheric wind profiles with wind velocity/wind direction for multiple detection purposes like environmental monitoring, wind energy resource assessment, aviation windshear detection, climate-meteorology research etc. It can acquire accurate real-time wind profile in any scanning geometry at range 50~3500m. An innovative structure detection algorithm enables the wind lidar to detect three dimensional wind field information, by vertical and horizontal scanning. It’s characteristic of easy installation, strong adaptability to high salty, high temperature & humidity environment.

  1. Detection range up to 3.5km (can be extensible);
  2. High spatial & temporal resolution and high precision;
  3. Strong adaptability to high salt, high temperature and humidity environment;
  4. Collaborative detection and analysis of lidar network;
  5. Easy maintenance, unattended operation and automatic upgration.

  1. Extreme Weather Monitoring
  2. Wind Resources Assessment
  3. Air Quality Monitoring
  4. Engineering Safety Monitoring

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