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Everise Technology Ltd.


- Model ZAG 2010 - Zero Air Generator



ZAG 2010 provides the gas (ZERO AIR) that contains no NO,NOx,O3,SO2,CO and HC. It consists of external compressor, pressure control valve, component filter, gas tank and thermostat.

  1. After filtering the wet air, the condensed water filter auto discharge the condensed water.
  2. Renewable scrubber could high efficiently dry and filter the air, requiring no maintenance.
  3. Air pressure regulator could guarantee the zero air output at stable pressure.
  4. Activated carbon could remove NO,NO2,O3,SO2,COin the air.
  5. Built-in two-cylinder compressor.
  6. Auto start, timing start and shutdown function.
  7. Max gas flow: 20L/min.

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