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- Model 38 Inch - Inflatable Oil Containment Boom for Shoreline



Enviro-USA’s 38” (965 mm) Inflatable Shoreline Oil Containment Boom is perfect for responding to oil spills at shoreline. The freeboard & draft are perfect in size for this application. It is lightweight and it can be stored, quickly deployed & retrieved from a hydraulic reel. This boom was designed for use in shoreline applications; therefore it complies with OPA-90, US Coast Guard & ASTM F1523 boom guidelines.

What is a 38″ Inflatable Oil Containment Boom for SHORELINE and who is it for?
This Enviro-USA boom is highly recommended by Port Authorities as the appropriate size for Shoreline applications.

Why use an Inflatable Oil Containment Boom versus a standard model?
Enviro-USA’s inflatable Oil Containment Barriers are perfect if you are limited by storage, must have a quick deployment due to environmental sensitive areas nearby and/or have a tight budget.

Where are 38″ Inflatable Oil Containment Booms used? Mostly for shoreline applications, such as:

  • Unprotected Ports & Marinas
  • Protected Ports & Marinas
  • Harbors
  • Gulfs
  • Beaches

This Enviro-USA boom is compliant with OPA 90, US Coast Guard – OSRO and ASTM F1523 Guidelines.

Enviro-USA’s inflatable booms offer:

  • High buoyancy to weight ratio which provides excellent wave adapting capability and heave response.
  • Individual air chambers which provides dependability, integrity and peace of mind.
  • Large diameter air chambers which provide plenty of water plane surface allowing the boom to maintain a maximum freeboard at all times.


  • Oil Booms are available in 50 and 100 foot sections or any custom length up to 100′.
  • Numerous sections can easily and quickly be connected together.
  • Numerous fabrics are available for short or long term deployments.

14” Freeboard & 21” Draft, Heavy Duty 41 oz. orange fabric, 3” fin above air chambers, ballast chain, and ASTM connectors.

The freeboard & draft are perfect in size for this type of application. The 14” air chambers and 3” fin above the air chambers increase protection and prevent splash over due to waves breaking, windy conditions and/or choppy water. This boom is lightweight and it can easily be stored, deployed and retrieved from a hydraulic reel with minimal manpower. 1,000 ft (300m) can be deployed in approximately 13 minutes with only 3 persons. It is the perfect inflatable boom for responding to oil spills in shoreline applications.

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