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Evreka offers an enterprise approach to smart, connected waste management deployments. Your local account representative will work with you to evaluate your current waste management situation by conducting an assessment of your waste and recycling footprint, costs, and drivers to build out a Evreka Smart Waste Collection System customized to your facility and needs. Evreka Smart Waste Collection System provides modern solution and green solution for traditional waste collection systems. Evreka wireless sensors can measure the garbage bin fill level instantaneously and send this information to cloud using m2m technology. These collected information from all over the city is processed to get the efficient daily collection routes. These daily routes are transfered to the navigation devices easily used by drivers. By this way, drivers follow the efficient routes and stop for only necessary locations. This saves time and energy, decreases CO2 emission and waste collection costs up to 55%.

Our sensors delevoped with the latest technology can be easily mounted on garbage bins and accurately measure the fill rates before sending to cloud using m2m technology. These rates are stored in our system to track all garbage bins on any time. Every day, these rates are processed in forecasting algorithm to decide which bins need to be visited. Forecasting algorithms help to generate the optimized routes. Garbage bins that are determined with the help of forecasting algorithm are visited and wastes are collected in the most efficient way. Optimized routes can be reached and evaluated on both desktop and mobile devices 24/7. Detailed analysis reports including overall service information, cost reduction improvement and decrease in emission of harmful gasses are provided within specific time intervals.

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