Enviro Voraxialtechnology, INC. (EVTN)

- Skid Separator System



The Voraxial (above) can be easily mated to existing pipeline or equipment, supplied within a complete turnkey solution, or retrofitted into existing water treatment systems to improve the separation efficiency and reduce wastewater costs.Operators will experience immediate savings in acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance costs. The Voraxial® provides consistent separation without requiring any adjustments if the inlet oil or sand concentration and flow rate fluctuates.  The standard Voraxial® is rated for 250psi and 250F but it can also be built to withstand more pressure or higher temperatures should the application require.

  • Treats a wide range of flows, even slugging flows
  • High performance over a wide concentration range without any adjustments
  • Operates with low or high inlet pressure
  • Gas slugging does not effect separation performance
  • Low shear impeller – oils are not emulsified
  • Non-clogging – open impeller
  • Variable speeds to optimize separation
  • Patented technology

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