- Rotary Distributor Filter



The Ovivo rotary distributor filters screened and settled wastewater through a bed of rock or plastic to reduce the biological oxygen demand (BOD) to acceptable levels. Microorganisms attach to the media and consume the waste that contacts the surface as the liquid trickles through the media. Basic applications for rotary distributors include low and high rate trickling filter processes, but can be used for roughing, to reduce the organic load applied to subsequent biological processes.

  • Hydraulic or Motor Driven Rotary Distributors
  • Uniform distribution of flow over the entire surface of the Trickling Filter bed
  • Upper Bearing and Stabilizer bearing are located above the liquid level
  • Variety of center assemblies available for standard or high rate applications in stainless, aluminum or steel materials
  • Rectangular or Circular distributor arms

Every Ovivo rotary distributor is tailored to individual operating conditions utilizing two or more distributor arms.

  • Design features of these units provide years of trouble-free service
  • Trouble-free service
  • Ease of maintenance

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