- Rotary Distributor For Trickling Filter



Ovivo’s EWT rotary distributor is designed to evenly distribute sewage over a trickling filter. The EWT rotary distributor mechanisms have been developed using Ovivo engineers’ extensive experience and application of conventional units. These units’ design features help to provide years of trouble-free service.

  • Durable system provides many years of trouble-free operation
  • Can be used for many different applications
  • Fully tested prior to shipment

Rotating Center Assembly
Supports the unit and rotates the arms

  • Completely shop assembled
  • Tested prior to shipment for trouble-free operation

Upper Bearing Assembly
Supported by the center assembly spherical thrust roller type

  • Oil lubricated
  • Designed and tested to resist the tilting moment created by a 300 pound load acting at the end of one arm
  • Sized for each application requirement
  • Ladder provides easy access
  • Oil level indicator and oil drain line
  • B-10 life exceeds 100,000 hours

Stabilizing Bearing Assembly
Provides stability for the rotating mechanism bronze brush type (split)

  • Positioned above liquid level
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Eliminates contact with raw sewage
  • Grease lubricated
  • Steel housing (split)
  • Upper and lower grease retaining seals

Two Center Assembly Designs

  • For various flow and head conditions.

Rectangular Flow Baffles
Used for flows varying in ratios of 2:1 to 5:1 or more, and when secondary arms are needed. When flow to the primary arms reaches a predetermined amount, excess flow spills over the baffle and is fed into the secondary arms. This design functions under a much higher flow ratio and with less head.

Open Center Well
Used when the flow variation range is low (2:1 ratio or less between minimum and maximum flows), or where it is not necessary to operate on the lowest possible head.

Distributor Arms
There are several arm types: single or double compartment, rectangular steel plate or circular pipe. The type of arm used is determined by the diameter of the filter, the influent flow and available head.

Spreaders and Orifice Plates
These are for use with rectangular or circular arms. Spreaders on rectangular arms are much closer to the media surface than on circular arms, which require placing spreaders on the center line of the pipe. Head requirements are therefore lower with rectangular arms than with circular arms. Flow is uniformly distributed over the entire surface or the media with either design.

Hardened plastic (polyethylene), non-corrosive spreaders combine strength, durability and non-clogging properties for unrestricted flows. Ease of installation reduces costs and adds flexibility to orifice settings. Spreaders can also be constructed from brass, aluminium and stainless steel.

  • Requires a minimum of energy to operate
  • Specifically designed for each individual site
  • Ease of installation and operation reduces costs

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