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- Model 500A-BS-K - Food Waste Disposers System



The BS-K assembly is the natural choice when height is restricted between the sink and floor. A nipple is welded into the sink’s drain outlet, and a plate bolted to the disposer is threaded to the nipple. Designed for continuous feeding of food waste, handling of large amounts of food waste without unnecessary interruptions in the daily duties means increased efficiency.

Standard delivery includes complete contactor with motor protector, flushing nozzle for installation in sink wall and complete solenoid valve with line strainer. Food waste disposers within the 500A Excellent Series features grinders of specially alloyed steel, housings and mounting assemblies of stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI304) and a protection class of IP55 – all assuring long life expectancy and operational reliability.

A protection lid covering the disposer inlet prevents access to the grinding unit during operation, also serving as a splash back and reducing the risk of cutlery falling into the disposer by mistake. The lid is fitted with a safety interlock switch which stops the disposer when lifted.

Disperator's line of disposers can be adapted to your specific kitchen and working environment, regardless of size and layout!

Immediate and efficient removal of food waste - the heaviest part of kitchen waste - is a necessity in every kitchen. Using a disposer, food waste can hygienically and easily be taken care of and reduce the total amount of refuse.

Regardless of the choice of model, the process is the same. Food waste is washed down the disposer and ground in the grinding chamber into small particles for further transport in the sewage network or to a tank, and possibly subsequent recycling into biogas through digestion. The 500A Excellent Series includes six different disposer sizes as part of the basic assortment; 510A, 515A, 520A, 530A, 550A, 575A. A range of mounting assemblies complements the basic disposer with possibilities for installation in sink and washing line (BS, ATF, DRR-K), counter top and working table (HK, MI) or as free-standing unit (MC, MB).

BENEFITS for you
  • Fast and easy transport of organic waste = no leaking garbage bags or heavy lifting to garbage bins.
  • Reduction of bad odors, pests and bacteria formation = more pleasant working environment and improved hygiene.
  • Fewer garbage collections, as well as for dry waste = lower total waste management cost.
  • Fewer waste containers are needed and transported to storage locations = less time and expense for cleaning in the kitchen.
  • Freeing of space and lower energy cost for cooled waste rooms = which would otherwise be used for storage of organic waste.
  • Contribute to recycling through biogas production = possibility to establish a corporate environmental friendly profile.
  • Improving hygiene and eliminating bad odors around garbage bins and buildings.
  • Fewer transports of garbage means less vehicle exhausts, road wear and accident risks.
  • Possibility of recycling through anaerobic digestion in the form of renewable energy (biogas).
  • Better utilization of social investments in sewage systems and sewage treatment plants.
  • The cost of pre-processing (grinding) of food waste at treatment plants/biogas facilities is avoided.
  • Less garbage is deposited and instead utilized in a better way.

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