Thermoplastic Processes

Thermoplastic Processes

- Model ACR - Acrylic Tubing


Acrylic Tubing, Cubes, Rods, Spheres, Cabochons & Profiles. Acrylic Plastic enhances the beauty of any exhibit. It can be heat formed for a variety of desired effects and is easily imprinted or embossed. Weather resistant, its an ideal choice for outdoor use. Thermo stocks over 75 sizes of acrylic tubing, rods and profiles. In addition to our vast inventory of stock items, we welcome custom orders.

  • Wide range of applications in the display, design and decor market
  • Can be heat-formed for a variety of desired effects
  • Easily imprinted or embossed
  • Sunlight- and wear-resistance
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • More economical than glass
  • Acrylic extrusions are easily sawed, drilled, milled, engraved and finished
  • Solvent bonding of properly fitting parts produces a strong, invisible joint
  • Frosted Acrylic Rod
  • 3/16″ Wall Acrylic Tubing
  • 1/4″ Heavy Wall (HW) Acrylic Tubing

Acrylic Plastic’s refractive characteristics create a play of light that shows quality and design details to best advantage. Acrylic rod can be readily heat-formed or bent to re-direct light. Its striking prismatic quality makes Thermo acrylic particularly conducive to chandeliers and other lighting fixtures.

Prolonged exposure to moisture, or even total immersion, does not significantly affect Plexiglas, causing no evident warping, swelling or loss of transparency. Thermo’s acrylic extrusions are ideal for bathroom towel bars, kitchen articles and certain laboratory fixtures.

Plexiglas extrusions, made with a UV stabilizer, have excellent sun-resistance, maintaining their sparkle and bright new look even in the harshest weather. Thermoplastic extrusions are ideal for long-life outdoor applications such as illuminated signs.

Acrylic plastics are unaffected by aqueous solutions of most common laboratory chemicals, by detergents, cleaners, dilute inorganic acids, alkalis, and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Plexiglas is not recommended for use with chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ketones.

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