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An Expansion Joint is a device used to relieve stresses in piping/ducting systems, vessels and/or chutes by absorbing dimensional changes in single and/or multiple planes, which are caused by thermal expansion and vibration. When designing an Expansion Joint into any system, it is very important to know the operating conditions in each and every area where an Expansion Joint will be installed. This information is imperative as there are many types of Expansion Joints that are available and it is important to make sure that the right choice and style is made.


Expansion Joints are used in many sectors including, but not limited to:

Energy sector: • Power Generating Facilities • Flue Gas cleaning systems • Gas turbine systems • Diesel engine installations • District heating systems • The Process industries: • Petro-Chemical plants • Chemical plants • Cement Plants • Steel Plants • The Marine Industry • Engine Construction • Ship building • Operators / Ship Owners • Original Equipment Manufacturers • Pulp and Paper Mills • Pollution Control Systems • Scrubbers • Water Treatment Plants • Sewage Treatment Plants • Locomotives • Mining and Refining • Manifolds • Spare parts supply

Metallic Expansion Joints can be manufactured with various Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy and Titanium Materials.  Our Expansion Joints are designed to EJMA and ASME standards. Our engineers are ready to assist you in choosing an Expansion Joint design that is optimum, as well as economical. Vibrant Power Inc. has designed and supplied all types of Expansion Joints from small exhaust connectors to huge turbine crossovers, many with all types of external hardware and/or refractory linings.  Some examples of the types of Expansion Joints are single, universal, tied, hinged, gimbaled, and pressure balanced.

All design, manufacturing, and quality programs are ISO9001 certified. Other certifications include ASME U, European Union PED, and Canadian CRN. All Expansion Joints meet the latest EJMA standards.

Rubber (Elastomeric) Expansion Joints can be manufactured with a variety of Elastomers and varying reinforcements depending on the Pressure Ratings. They provide a wide range of movement in either single or multiple arch type constructions.
Rubber Expansion Joints isolate noise and vibration from various types of equipment and can be PTFE lined for additional chemical resistance. Rubber Expansion Joints can provide for controlled movement, while reducing noise and vibration. They provide great protection to a piping system from damage due to vibration and movement. 

Rubber Expansion Joints are designed and manufactured to CSA Z299.3 Quality Program Standards.

Fabric Expansion Joints offer superior flexibility in handling large thermal movements, in a relatively short space. They are excellent for vibration isolation and also help reduce mechanical noise transmission. Fabric Expansion Joints are available in various material and designs with no real size restrictions. Expansion Joints can be supplied with appropriate metal work (such as angles, baffles and retaining bars) for ease of installation at site.

Fabric Expansion Joints are typically broken down into three different groups: Elastomeric, Composite, and Fluoropolymer.

Elastomeric: These types of Expansion Joints are constructed with high strength fabric and/or wire reinforcements vulcanized with various elastomers such as Viton ® EPDM, Neoprene, and Silicone to name a few.

Total belt thickness and number of reinforcing plies may vary depending on application conditions and design. 

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