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- Model TM-70 - Semi-Trailer Unit


With the TM-70 semi-trailer unit, the largest projects are quickly brought down to size. From your state’s Department of Transportation highway jobs to expansive erosion control projects to shopping malls and apartment complexes, it is capable of handling any size job. Fully self-contained with a Caterpillar® C-7 engine rated at 275 horsepower, the TM-70 model works with a variety of tractor configurations. It is also available with the TM-70MD or TM-70HD option. The MD unit is the Medium Duty Blower and Hydraulic Package upgrade which includes a Caterpillar® C-7 engine rated at 300 horsepower, while the HD is the Heavy Duty version that includes a Caterpillar® C-9 engine rated at 335 horsepower. Depending upon your business focus, one of these options may be to your advantage. Let one of our experienced sales professionals detail the differences, so you can determine which one is right for you.

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