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External Thermal Carbonization Furnace


The external thermal carbonization furnace continuously carbonizes by recycling the dry distillation gas generated during carbonization as a heat source, and only needs to provide additional fuel at the start of the startup, and once the pyrolysis reaction occurs to generate the dry distillation gas, the supply of the fuel can be stopped, and the subsequent operation is stopped. There is no need to use fuel in the middle. The external heat type carbonization furnace is easier to control the heating temperature than the conventional internal heat type carbonization furnace, and the raw material is prevented from burning in the cylinder, so that high quality biochar can be obtained.

At the same time, different carbonization products can be obtained by adjusting the carbonization temperature (from low temperature carbonization to high temperature carbonization). Since there is no raw material burning process in the process of carbonization, no dioxin-like harmful substances are generated, and the amount of smoke is also greatly reduced, and no waste is generated.

The continuous high-efficiency sludge carbonization system consists of a sludge receiving system (sludge storage tank and conveyor, etc.), a sludge carbonization system (carbonization furnace and hot blast stove), a dust collection system, a heat recovery and exchange system, and an exhaust gas treatment (fan, Cyclone dust removal and exhaust stacks) and carbonized product cooling and packaging systems.

The carbonization system is composed of a quantitative feeder, a rotary cylinder carbonization furnace, a combustion furnace, a combustion blower, a water-cooled heat exchanger, a cyclone, a chimney, and the like.

The carbonization furnace is a horizontal rotating body, which adopts the method of indirect heating. The hot air furnace on the side of the furnace generates high temperature to heat the rotatable furnace body, and the material in the furnace body is thermally decomposed under low oxygen state, generating a large amount. The dry distillation gas and the dry distillation gas are introduced into the combustion chamber through the induced draft fan for secondary combustion; the material is discharged from the end of the furnace body through the furnace body, and the product has a product condensation and collection system at the output end, and the product is cooled and collected; the high temperature smoke discharged by the combustion The gas is pumped to the super dryer for drying the sludge. In the tail gas treatment, when the temperature in the combustion furnace reaches above 800 °C, the dry distillation gas can be completely burned to achieve harmless treatment. After the exhaust gas is cooled by the water-cooled heat exchanger, it is dedusted by a cyclone and discharged into the atmosphere.

Low operating costs
Carbonization by burning the dry distillation gas eliminates the need to provide additional fuel.

Carbonization temperature controllable
The indirect heating method adjusts the heating temperature to obtain different carbonized products.

Easy to operate
The supply amount of raw materials and the amount of air supplied can be automatically adjusted, and the operation is simple .

It combines the advantages of Japanese technology with the price advantage of Yixing manufacturing to provide cost-effective products .

Dehydrated sludge
The dried matter of various dewatered sludges can be carbonized .

Dry matter of feces
The dried products of cattle, pigs and chickens can be charred .

Coffee bean residue, tea residue, fruit juice residue
The dried product of coffee bean residue, tea leaf residue, fruit juice residue, etc. can be carbonized .

Incineration ash and soot containing dioxin
The incineration ash and soot containing dioxin are subjected to reduction treatment to achieve the purpose of harmless treatment .

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