- Gas Production Unit




Fast Startup

  • Pre-engineered with factory piping, assembly and skid mounting for fast installation
  • Isometric drawings allow identical and repeatable skid edge tie-in points for easy field connections
  • In stock inventory of pre-assembled units allows fast delivery
  • Engineered lifting lugs for ease of installation and safety


  • Separator, coil, firetube and meters customized to your specifications
  • Single, dual or quad configurations allow cost-saving, multi-well service
  • Interchangeable separators for easy reconfiguration


  • Rugged skid-mounted units perform in all climates
  • Unique round heater design improves efficiency
  • Removable firetube and heater coil for easy maintenance and inspection
  • Latest API and ASME design and construction standards help ensure high performance and safety


  • Added assurance of a warranty that runs 12 months from startup or 18 months from delivery, whichever comes first
  • Prompt, professional service, support and spare parts from local technicians in or near every major oil & gas producing region in the U.S. and numerous areas around the world

Wet gas enters the bottom of the absorber tower and ascends through a mist extractor where fine liquid particles are removed. As the gas rises through the tower’s packing or bubble cap trays, water is absorbed by descending lean glycol (water removed through regeneration process), which is continually pumped to the top of the tower. Drier gas exits the top of the tower and passes through the glycol/gas heat exchanger to the gas outlet. The rich glycol (wet with absorbed glycol) collects in the hat tray at the bottom of the tower and flows to the power side of the glycol pump. From the pump, the rich glycol flows through a reflux coil, heat exchanger and flash gas separator, which remove gas and entrained hydrocarbons from the glycol.

The waste gas then flows to the fuel gas scrubber and the lean glycol flows through a filter into the reboiler. As the reboiler drives off water vapor through the still column, the hot, reconcentrated glycol flows from the reboiler through the sparger box to remove additional water vapor. The lean glycol flows to the storage compartment and then to the heat exchanger for cooling. The cooled, lean glycol then flows through a glycol sock filter before passing to the glycol pump. Lean glycol and gas from the absorber together power the glycol pump, which pumps the glycol through a glycol/gas heat exchanger to minimize glycol loss and then to the absorber tower to continue the dehydration process cycle.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty steel heater shell
  • Interchangeable and removable firetube
  • Interchangeable and removable split coil per API 12K
  • Removable flame arrestor
  • Removable stack
  • Long nose adjustable choke
  • High temperature shutdown with thermowell
  • Temperature indicators with thermowells
  • Temperature controller with thermowell
  • ASME code-stamped, 250 psig fuel gas scrubber with internal high level safety shutdown valve
  • Fuel gas manifold with preheat coil and high and low pressure regulators
  • Line heater built in accordance with API 12K
  • Interchangeable two or three-phase separators
  • Liquid level controllers
  • Liquid outlet control valves
  • Pressure gauges with isolation valve
  • Relief valves
  • ASME code stamped separator and National Board registration
  • Heavy-duty oilfield skid with tailboard bar


  • Gas metering
  • Liquid metering
  • Two or three-phase separator
  • High/low pressure shutdown
  • High/low liquid level shutdown
  • Burner safety low (BSL) or burner management system
  • Solar option for BSL
  • Heat tracing pump system
  • Removable stack arrestor
  • Alternative coil configurations
  • Up to 15,000 psig MAWP coil design
  • Gas leak detection for enclosed unit
  • Fire safety fusible plug system
  • Remote monitoring and control with SCADA systems
  • Sour gas service designed and built to NACE standards
  • Customization to meet additional specifications

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