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- Model Sens Series - Transmitters



The transmitters output their measuring signal via a 4-20 mA signal output with a linear characteristic. The transmitters offer you optimum solutions for almost all conceivable applications, using the latest sensor technology based on the measurement principles of heat transfer (WT), electrochemistry (EC), semiconductor (HL) and infrared absorption (IR / IR3). The use of this series is also suitable if renewal of old systems is desired without avoiding wiring effort or coupling to conventional process control systems.

In addition to the classic 4-20mA signal output, the I-variant digital transmitters offer an RS-485 bus interface, which is particularly advantageous in connection with our evaluation centers of the ET series. It allows operation in a cost-effective ring bus installation. In addition, automatic one-man calibration is possible with these transmitters, and convenient functions for configuring and monitoring sensor functions are available.

All transmitters can be combined. Due to the modular design, accessories and spare parts are largely interchangeable, making installation, maintenance and repair simple and cost-effective. 

  • Measured Gas: ExTox Gas- / Transmitter List
  • Measuring Range: ExTox Gas- / Transmitter List. On demand the standard measuring range can factory sided be diversified in range 50 to 200 %. Bigger deviations if applicable on demand.
  • Measuring Principles:
    • Sens . .-WT: Catalytic Combustion
    • Sens . ,-IR: Absorption
    • Sens . .-EC: Electrochemical Cell
    • Sens . .-KE: Electrochemical Oxygen Cell
    • Sens . .-HL: Metal oxide-semiconductor
  • Operation Mode: Diffusion {Operation with aspirated flow possible, e. g. in ExTox IMC)
  • Setting Time: ExTox Gas- / Transmitter List

  • Temperature: ExTox Gas- / Transmitter List
  • Humidity:10 r. H to 90 r. H (please avoid condensation)
  • Pressure : 800 hPa to 1100 hPa
  • Deviations:
    • Changes on climatic conditions can be done with the usual rate for atmospheric deviations. Very quick changes, such as for example shock pressures, can cause bigger measuring deviations for short time.
    • Extension of climatic ranges is in particular cases possible ace. to prior agreement with ExTox.

  • EC-Directives :
    • 2004/108/EEC (EMC)
    • only Sens ...-EC/-KE: 94/9/EC (ATEX) C€ © II 3G (suitable for Zone 2)
  • Protection : Ex nA IIC T6 X (only Sens ...-EC/-KE)
  • Measuring Functions:
    • designed ace. to
      • DIN EN 60079-29-1 (flammable gases)
      • DIN EN 45544-1 to DIN EN 45544-3 (toxic gases)
      • DIN EN 50104 (oxygen)
    • Sens ...-HL: Restrictions due to measuring principle exist as far as requirements of standards regarding linearity are concerned and on climatic influences. This has to be considered for designing alarm concept.

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