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Extraction Economic Solutions



Fat determination by continuous extraction. You look for an automated and reliable way to determine the fat content in food and feed samples. We provide an economic and convenient continuous extraction solution with excellent reproducibility.


  • Save money thanks to reduced solvent consumption
  • Superior solvent recovery of more than 90% due to cooled solvent tank


  • Quick and simple method selection thanks to intuitive solvent library
  • Easy loading of the hydrolyzed sample into the extraction chamber with reusable glass tubes
  • Automated two step process without operator intervention

Fast and reliable

  • Up to four times faster compared to extractions using classical glassware
  • High reproducibility and reliable results thanks to automated two step process and sample-extract separation
  • Assured conformity in accordance with the officially approved methods (e.g. ISO, LFGB etc.)

  • Comprehensive list of reference applications
  • Customized application support
  • Practical workshops, training and seminars
  • Minimize downtime thanks to our service hotline

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