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Eyegaze Edge Eye Follower 2.0



This unique new technology solves eye tracking tolerance-to-head-motion challenge once and for all. The EyeFollower 2.0 accommodates all natural head motions during computer operation.

  • Totally free head motion
  • Automatic eye acquisition with face detection
  • EFT (Enhanced Focusing Technology)
  • 120 Hz sampling rate
  • < 0.4 degree accuracy over the whole range of head movement
  • Full range binocular eye tracking - both eyes
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • All-in-one system for starting right away
  • Maintains accuracy if subject tilts his head to either side

Automatic Eye Acquisition
The EyeFollower 2.0 automatically locates the eyes when the user enters the work-space, and it rapidly reacquires the eyes when he returns his attention to the screen after turning his head away.
Enhanced Focusing Technology
  • LC Technologies EFT achieves consistently high gazepoint tracking accuracy throughout the system´s head-tracking volume.
  • Autofocusing telephoto lenses (rather than wide angle lenses) produce clear, high-resolution images of the user´s eyes providing excellent gazepoint accuracy.
  • Cameras continually point and focus directly on the eyes, allowing the large volume of free head movement.
  • All moving parts are invisible to the user.
The system uses special cameras to track the head position and adjust the eye tracking cameras to the subject‘s eyes.
High Accuracy
The EyeFollower 2.0 achieves its highly accurate 0.4-degree gaze point tracking accuracy throughout the whole operational head range. Even with high computer processing loads, the system samples data at a constant 120 Hz.
Binocular Eye Tracking
The EyeFollower 2.0 tracks both eyes over the full range of head motion to enhance accuracy.
Easy Calibration
The hands-free calibration is fast, easy to operate, and long lasting. The calibration can be saved and reused when working with the same subject again.
The EyeFollower 2.0 may be used with a wide variety of computer monitors, with a projection screen¸ with stereoscopic displays, or in a real-world¸ 3-dimensional setting with no monitor at all. 3-dimensional gazepoints are available for real or simulated 3D environments.

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