Tritech Engineers

Tritech Engineers

- NOx Reduction Microniser System (FWE)


Whan a common droplet wtt be accelerated it alters to a stretched droplet.Whan this accelerated and stretched droplet will be affected by additional shearing.forces. R wtt be devlded into numerous amaler droplets.Each fuei particle wl be affected Ms way savaral times during a CD92,V passage.When this treated draptet wiU further be affected by sonic fraquanctea it swings up and wil further be devlded with each CD92' passage.

  • drasticsty unloaded f Hers and purifiers
  • less vieMe exhaust emissions ( soot / parsctss / dust)
  • increased power output of engines end bolero
  • remaifcable reduction of abrasive weer and tear on all mechanical parts
  • prolonged stabfty times on mechanical parts

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