- Compact Digital Air Flow Calibrator for Air Samplers



The most flexible calibrator design available for laboratory or field use. Mobile venturi tube feature eliminates difficult set up positions during calibrations.

  • Differential Pressure Flow Sensor
  • Display of flow in CFM, LPM or M3/min. by operator selection (LED display)
  • Standard accuracy: ±2.0% Full Scale
  • Flowrates displayed are corrected to a factory settable Reference Temperature and Pressure (4 options available) Classical STP 0ºC, 1 Atm Normal T and P 20ºC, 1 Atm Modified Normal T and P 70ºF, 1 Atm Standard Ambient T and P 25ºC, 1 Atm
  • Display of barometric pressure in metric or English units
  • Display of temperature in metric or English units
  • Certified to UL, CSA and CE electrical safety standards for line power models
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Ambient or Reference flow is selectable by the operator
  • 2 year warranty

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