F&J Specialty Products, Inc.

- Model FPXM2 - Glass Fiber Filter Paper Grade



High Volume glass micro fiber aerosol filters for capture of particulate matter. The medium efficiency filter media is composed of a blend of borosilicate glass micro fibers which are bonded by an acrylic resin binder.

  • Basis Weight: 39 lbs/3,000 ft2
  • Caliper Thickness: .015 inches (3.81 mm)
  • DOP Smoke Penetration: 15% @ 0.3 μm @ 10.5 ft./minute
  • Air Flow Resistance: 8 mm H2O @ 10.5 ft./minute
  • Tensile Strength MD: 5.00 lbs/inches
  • Tensile Strength CD: 3.5 lbs/inches
  • Frazier Permeability: 27 ft.3/min/ft.2 @ 0.5 in. H2O W.G.
  • Water Repellency: 15 inches H2O
  • Ignition Loss: 5% Loss

Actual filtration performance i.e. efficiency and dust holding capacity, will vary with face velocity of the incoming air stream, the filter design parameters and the normal variation of the media properties consistent with the specification range.

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