- Model LV-22 - Environmental Low Volume Air Sampler (110V)



Model LV-22 is a low volume air sampler consisting of a 1/4 HP oil-less, carbon vane vacuum pump with an air flow regulator for use where a nearly constant air flow is desirable. The regulator holds a constant pressure drop across an in-line orifice by varying the flow through a bypass valve into the pump. This system allows the pump to work at a minimum pressure drop at all times by permitting it to run cooler; thus extending its service life. The oil-less pump requires no lubrication to maintain optimal efficiency during its service life. The LV-22 is enclosed in a weather resistant aluminum environmental cabinet, Model WH-3. An optional mechanical volume totalizer is available for the LV-22 Air Sampler.

It should be noted that as pressure varies, the flow through an orifice with a constant pressure drop varies approximately as the square root of the ratio of the absolute pressure. Thus, if paper loading causes a pressure drop to one-half of the original value, the orifice is adjustable, allowing a flow rate adjustment from near-zero up to the pump’s maximum capacity. Best long-term regulation is maintained at or below 2 cubic feet per minute (57 liters per minute).

The typical operating flow range is 1 to 3 CFM (10 – 100 LPM).

  • Constant air flow regulator adjustable by user
  • Powder coat painted aluminum enclosure with cooling fan
  • Durable oil-less carbon vane pump designed for continuous use
  • Internal intake and exhaust mufflers
  • Rotometer, elapsed time meter and vacuum gauge
  • 110– 120VAC, 50/60Hz; single phase

  • PUMP TYPE: Oil-less, carbon vane 1/4 HP; 1725 RPM @ 60 Hz
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 4 CFM (113 LPM) at 0' Hg Pressure drop.
  • ULTIMATE VACUUM: 25' (635 mm) Hg at sea level.
  • VACUUM GAUGE: 0' - 30' (0 to 762 mm) Hg.
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 100 – 120VAC; 50/60Hz at 6 amperes; single phase
  • FUSE PROTECTION: 6-1/4 Amperes
  • ELECTRICAL CORD: All temperature, 3 wire, 16 gauge
  • THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION: Furnished as an integral part of the motor.
  • CONSTANT AIRFLOW REGULATOR: Aluminum construction with silicon diaphragm; adjustable
  • from 1 to 3 CFM (10- 100 LPM).
  • DIMENSIONS (w/Legs): 32 “ L x 26' W x 48 ¼ ' H. (81.3 × 65.0× 122.6cm)
  • AVERAGE dB: 65.3
  • WEIGHT: 103 lbs. (46.8 Kgs.)
  • INSTALLATION CATEGORY: Pollution Degree 3
  • R10100 10-100 LPM
  • R13 1-3 CFM
    • Mechanical Volume Totalizer; Metric or English units
    • DLM100-04 Digital Electronic Monitor
  • COMBINATION FILTER HOLDER: Durable plastic combination filter holders for F&J Model B, C or M charcoal cartridges and 47 mm, 2” or 50 mm diameter particulate filter paper are available. All models have quick disconnect function

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