- Model TCS-5000-BLDC - Portable Tritium Collection System



Model TCS-5000-BLDC is a portable tritium collection system consisting of a brushless DC motor powered diaphragm pump, a digital flowmeter with automatic flow control and a removable polycarbonate indicating Silica Gel column. The flow and volume of air passing through the system is measured by a microprocessor controlled Digital Flow meter (DFM). The DFM utilizes a precision-machined orifice to measure flow rate. The DFM displays on-board calculations on a bright large character LED display screen and provides automatic flow control. Data download capability is available through the RS232 port on a real-time basis utilizing optional F&J data storage device.

The unit is designed for continuous indoor use and weather protected outdoor use. Please consult the product specifications for the design temperature range and the installation category.

The typical operating flow range is 100-400 cc/min (0.10 - 0.4 LPM). Other custom flow ranges are available upon request. Additional fees may apply for custom ranges.

  • Microprocessor controlled electronics
  • Flow rate measurements and volume totalizations are corrected to a factory settable reference Temperature and Pressure
    • Classical STP: 0ºC, 1 Atm
    • Normal T and P: 20ºC, 1 Atm
    • Modified Normal T and P: 70ºF, 1 Atm
    • Standard Ambient T and P: 25ºC, 1 Atm
  • RS-232 Port
  • LED Display
  • Precision machined orifice
  • Flow rate accuracy within ± 4% F.S.
  • Flow rate / Volume Options:
    • sccm / scc
    • SLPM / SL
  • 110-120VAC; 50/60Hz, single phase

  • PUMP TYPE: Diaphragm
  • MOTOR: Brushless DC
  • CAPACITY: Minimum 100 cc/min; Maximum 400 cc/min.
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 110 – 120VAC; 50/60 Hz; 1ampere; single phase
  • ELECTRICAL CORD: All temperature, 3-wire, 16 gauge
  • DIMENSIONS: 16 ½ ”L × 12 ”W × 15”H (42L × 30.5W × 38 cm H)
  • WEIGHT: 12.5 lbs. (5.7 Kgs.)
  • INSTALLATION CATEGORY: Pollution Degree 2
    • Air flow: ± 4% of Full Scale (F.S.)
    • Temperature: ± 0.9ºF (0.5ºC) (Not displayed); available from RS232 output
    • Barometric Pressure: ±0.6 inches Hg (Not displayed); available from RS232 output
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURES: 32º to 104ºF (0º To 40ºC)
  • STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -20º To 122ºF (-28º To 50ºC)
  • CALIBRATION: Calibration-verification once per year; Factory calibration as needed
  • COMMUNICATIONS INTERFACE: RS-232 available for realtime data download.
    • Flow calculation from differential pressure value corrected to a Reference T and P
    • Elapsed Time
    • Cumulative Volume corrected to a Reference T and P
    • Data Storage Device — 232FCDSD
    • 2 GB Secure Digital Card — 372239
    • PC Flash Card Reader — SDDR-199-A20

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