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Fabricate Analytical-Grade Plastic Parts


We fabricate analytical-grade plastic parts and assemblies to our customer requirements from a wide variety of plastics such as PEEK, Vespel, Torlon, Delrin, KEL-F, and Ertalyte, depending on requirements for dielectric and mechanical strength, biocompatibility, and chemical, temperature, steam resistance and other characteristics. Sizes range from 0.005' to 2' O.D. with +/-.0002' tolerances. Secondary operations such as engraving, milling, cross drilling, slotting, and pin insertion can be performed as required. We can supply analytical-grade plastic parts in prototype through production quantities.

  • Engineering Grade Plastics
  • Wide Range of Sizes
  • Precise Tolerances
  • Finished Parts and Assemblies
  • Materials Certification
  • Full Traceability

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