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The benefits of using compressed air power tools have long since been known in the automotive and commercial field vehicle workshop environment. However, if the vehicles you need to maintain are in remote field locations, then you not only require the speed and efficiency compressed air power tools provide, but also compact transportable air compressors, powerful enough to operate all the tools and equipment.

Factair has worked alongside the MoD for the last 20 years developing and supplying compressed air operated maintenance equipment for their ever-changing needs. Factair has an extensive range of diesel portable driven compressors, together with the associated power tools and accessories. Recent projects for the MoD include: 
General Purpose Air Compressor (GPAC), type Code KDP, NSN 4F/4310-99-341-7014 
These mobile diesel engine driven compressors are used for a wide variety of ground support applications with the Royal-Air Force. 
Portable Tyre Repair Facility (PTRF), NSN 4910-99-352-4397 
These self contained facilities provide a complete tyre changing and repair facility in remote operations for tyre sizes up to and including DROPS IMMLC. 
F3000 Safe-Air Tester, NSN 1680-99-598-6300 
These instruments automatically test the quality of breathing-air in accordance with BS EN12021:1999. 
VO4DM Field Maintenance Compressor, NSN 9MCV 4310-99-213-3345 
Factair recently refurbished and modified the in-service petrol VO4DM Compressor which it manufactured over 15 years ago and fitted a range of new features including new diesel engines, uprated air inlet filtration and increased capacity aftercooler to allow them to operate in hot and dusty environments. 
CR2 Track Maintenance Tool Kits, NSN 4910-99-350-5243 
Designed within the constraints of 2 NATO post pallet these units provide a self contained compressed-air source and tools for track maintenance on the Challenger 2 MBT. 
F2235 Dive Check - NSN 6630-99-7322569 
The Dive-Check provides a quick and easy method for checking the levels of water, oil, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in breathing-air contained in HP dive cylinders.

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