- Conventional Digesters and Combined Storage



FARMATIC offers conventional digester systems, secondary digesters and combined gas/digestate storage as full equipment package. Our customers are independent project developers, engineering consultancies and biogas research institutions.

It is our business philosophy to supply our customers with a complete hands-free digester solution with a consistently high quality all over the world. Our digesters are supplied including a double membrane gas holder and FARMATIC's electrical stirrers

FARMATIC digester and biogas storage solutions are supplied in standard sizes or in custom designs according to client preferences.

By combining a digester chamber with an integrated gas holder, conventional digester systems are a cost-effective alternative for smaller digesters up to 2,400 m³ and for substrates that can easily be mixed. FARMATIC uses this tank design as post-digester and combined gas and digestate storage in larger turnkey projects.

  • one insulated and corrosion-resistant digester tank made from bolted steel panels. The tank wall in touch with biogas is designed in stainless steel or special high quality glass-fused-to-steel due to the aggressive properties of the hydrogen sulphide in the gas.
  • one double membrane gas holder with a stabilizing blower and an inspection glass in the outer membrane
  • one paddle agitator with slow drive speeds for high mixing performance at low energy consumption.
  • additional through-the-wall electric secondary mixer with an external drive
  • one ascent ladder with working and inspection platform
  • measurement and safety devices such as overpressure safety valves, water level meter and illuminated inspection windows

  • concrete foundation
  • corrosion-resistant tank wall
  • gas holder with stability blower
  • insulation
  • 1x paddle agitator, 1x mixer
  • ascent ladder and platform
  • manhole
  • water level measurement
  • inspection windows (illuminated)
  • over/underpressure relief valve
  • biogas pipe
  • 2x cable ducts
  • pipe ducts at desired location
  • design for mesophilic operation
  • construction and commissioning included

  • design for thermophilic operation
  • alternative mixer configuration with diagonal agitators
  • design and installation of desulphurization by air injection into the digester
  • discharge pipe to digester center for complete draining and sluge removal
  • Bobcat entry for easier mechanical removal of sediments
  • self-cleaning inspection windowss
  • design and installation of external digester heating with FARMATIC double helix heat exchangers
  • design and installation of internal digester heating (stainless steel) upon request
  • supply and installation of sensor equipment for temperature, pH level, gas pressure and gas quality

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