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Farmfab Engineering Bucket Sweepers are sturdy and robust in design and build. Our well-equipped premises have the flexibility to alter the standard design for bespoke purposes. The quich hitch mounts, which are welded on to the bucket, allow the sweeper to be quickly and easily attached. Brush height is easily adjustable by the legs on each side of the machine (double clamps). A hydraulic motor connected by 2 pipes runs the machine. (Quick release couplings not supplied). The machine can be used by driving either forwards or backwards. When emptying the bucket the sweeper hangs on the quick hitch as the bucket swings away, on tipping back the bucket the sweeper is picked.

  • Heavy-duty construction - performance proves to withstand a rigorous workload.
  • 24 Month Warranty on all Farmfab Manufactured Components - Components Manufactured by other manufacturers carry that manufacturers warranty.
  • Adjustable hood and quick hitch - allows fitment to most types of bucket.
  • Standard machines to fit buckets from 1 meter to 2.44 meters (we can also quote for Bespoke Machines).
  • A single large nut retains the brushes and spacers on a box section drum.
  • 20mm spacers - allows 20% extra brushes on usual 25mm spacers, which means that they last longer and sweep better/faster.
  • First rate service and parts backup.
  • Height adjustment legs, to enable sweeping to resume.

  • Farmfab Engineering Heavy Duty Buckets.
  • Standard colour of machine is black - other colours available at extra cost.

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