- Model QB3 - Bale Wagon


FASTERHOLT bale wagon type QB3 is coupled directly after the baler where it retains up to 3 bales. This means that you can unload in one or only a few collecting areas. This facilitates both the collection, the wrapping and the loading significantly. The bale wagon is designed so that it roughly follows the baler in a straight line during fieldwork. This avoids damage to the bale coming out of the champer when turning in the field. During road transportation the wheel's steering system is locked, so that the wagon runs after the baler as a standard 2-wheels trailer.

We offer two types of QB3 bale wagon:

  • QB3 for 80x80cm mini big bales
  • QB3 for 120x120cm big bales.

Equipment requirements on back of the baler: 

  • Double acting outlet or single acting outlet with direct return to tank
  • A standard 7-pin light connector
  • If necessary a plug for bale switch for QB3 standard wagons. The bale switch gives a signal in the tractor when the wagon is full. 

  • Length: 685cm
  • Width: 248cm
  • Height: 72cm
  • Belt width: 40cm
  • Weight: 1.250kg
  • Weight with bales: 4.000kg

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