Fastrax Conveyor

- Model Pulse DC - Unique Gearbox



The Fastrax Pulse MotorRoller features a unique gearbox design that gives it significant torque and a wide range of speeds, whilst consuming less energy than other comparable motorised rollers. Our 50mm diameter 24 volt DC MotorRoller is the only one assembled in the UK as opposed to other DC Motorised Roller on the market. This ensures fast turnround time on both small and large orders. Most requirements can be despatched on a two to three day lead time.


  • Brushless motors (No brushes to wear out)
  • No plastic parts in motor / steel gearbox is standard
  • 35 watt high torque motor is standard
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Variable speed is standard


EZ—24 control driver cards for the Pulse MotorRoller

  • Advanced motor protection
  • Overcurrent / overload protection
  • Configurable digital speed settings
  • Acceleration / deceleration settings
  • Direct input of photo cell (NPN/PNP automatic recognition)
  • Each MotorRoller requires one EZ-24 card in operation


ConveyLinx control driver cards for the Pulse MotorRoller

  • Worlds first ethernet networked 2-zone controller—ConveyLinx
  • Simple zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) control
  • Can be controlled by an iPhone or PC
  • Simple push button configuration
  • Automatic detection of motor direction
  • Automatic detection of connected sensor type (dark/light—NPN/PNP)
  • Ethernet networked (modbus TCP / ethernet IP protocol supported
  • EasyRoll configuration software tool—free of charge dowload
  • One ConveyLinx controller will control two MotorRoller’s

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