Hangzhou Sino-Holding Chemicals Co., Ltd. (FCC)

Hangzhou Sino-Holding Chemicals Co., Ltd. (FCC)

- Model NANOLIN DK - Nano Graphite Powder


NANOLIN DK G is produced under advanced processing technologies, NANOLIN DK G is a Nano graphite powder with excellent quality. The average particle size is about 40-500 nm, and the purity is above 99.5%. The application of NANOLIN DK G nano graphite powder is versatile, such as super lubricant, energy-storing, high conductor, diamond, etc.

NANOLIN DK G Applications:

  • For the feature of small and homogeneous particle dimension, can be used as nano-scaled compound-material or compound-paint additive.
  • For the feature of high-purity and high specific surface area make it better to be hydrogen storage material than other materials.
  • For the feature of high thermal-stability〬Āelectric/anti-corrosion performance and thermal-conduction features make it to be good electric and thermal conductive material.
  • Additive to lubricant can diminish the friction coefficient and improve the ability of antifriction, resistance to ultimate-pressure and resistance to high temperature.

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