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- Model VL-38 - Vertical Flexible Cable Climbing Systems



When ordering, final product #'s are designated by length, with standard lengths ranging in 10' increments from 20' to 300'.

All FCP flexible cable climbing systems come with a top bracket, bottom bracket with tensioner, rung clamps for up to 1-1/8' diameter rungs, 3/8' galvanized wire rope lifeline permanently terminated at one end and clips on the other end, with standard lengths varying from 20' to 300', and an appropriate amount of cable guides based upon length. Full body harness and cable grabsold separately. Mounting hardware is available for other applications besides fixed ladders. Please contact FCP for more information. We will be glad to configure a custom system to meet your specific job application.

For example:

  • VL-38-20 - VL-38, 20' in length
  • VL-38-300 - VL-38, 300' in length

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