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- Model FT7011 and FT7013 - Hellmann Rain Gauges for Automatic Recording Device



The Hellmann Rain Gauges FT7011 and FT7013 are automatic recording devices to measure the quantity of rain. It is provided with a recording drum or line recorder respectively. The Hellmann rain gauge consists of a cylindrical protective housing with rain cover and built-in measuring vessel with float and syphoning device. The main features are: recording on clockwork driven drum, nominal recording period 7 days, recording height 80 mm, and recording chart width for 10 mm rain divided into 1/10 mm.

Hellman Compact Rain Gauge FT7019 consists of a measuring cylinder, with upper and lower housing parts. The housing is made of stainless steel while the funnel rim is made of brass. The type FT7019.00 can be supplied with a funnel area of 100 cm2. (This type is not conforming to meteorological standards).
Rain Gauge FT7021 series being used by German Meteorological Service, features a funnel area of 200 cm2 conforming to DIN58666 and is used for measuring precipitation. The FT7021.00 is used as a rain gauge only and the FT701.20 is used for measuring both liquid and frozen precipitations, i.e. rain, snow, and hail. The unit consists of top and bottom parts made of stainless steel. A collecting vessel, a measuring cylinder and a mounting support are included. The rain gauge FT7021.20 is supplied with two upper parts and two base parts, two collecting vessels as well as two cross-shaped snow inserts, preventing snow from being blown out of the top part of the instrument. Also a flat lid for covering the receiving area is provided.

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