Vogelbusch GmbH

Fermentation & Harvest Plants


Vogelbusch designs and delivers process plants for the upstream process.

  • Media preparation
  • batch tanks for media preparation, with attached sterilization or media filtration (deep bed filtration, bioburden reduction with 0.2 µm filter)
  • Media storage and filling (bags)
  • Fermentation
  • Bioreactors for microbial fermentation, suspension culture of mammalian cells, culture of adherent animal cells on microcarriers.
  • Bioreactor technologies:
    • Microbial fermentation - batch, fed batch
    • Cell culture - batch, fed batch, continuously with perfusion (recovery of cell-free culture supernatants), dialysis fermenters (Removal of growth/product formation-inhibiting by products from the fermentation medium)
  • Harvest: Cell separation by microfiltration or other separation techniques for recovery of biomass or the cell-free culture supernatant. High-pressure homogenizers for cell disruption (processes with microbial fermentation

Prefabricated plants:

  • Pilot plants for clinical batch production
  • Multiline fermentation plants with growing, preculturing, and production bioreactors

Areas of application:

Microbial fermentation: production of active pharmaceutical ingredients with recombinant microorganisms, production of enzymes and hormones

Cell culture: production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (enzymes and hormones), production of monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, production of virus vaccines.

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