Ferrate Treatment Technologies, LLC

- Model Fe300 - On-Site Ferrate Reactor


The Ferrator is the first patented, on-site Ferrate reactor for municipal and industrial applications. With this breakthrough of small, inexpensive, transportable on-site synthesis reactors, Ferrate can now be delivered continuously for chemical, industrial, and environmental treatment processes in commercially significant quantities. The Ferrator is made from off-the-shelf parts, can be scaled for any application, and pumps a liquid ferrate product directly into treatment process streams. The Ferrator has a small footprint. It can be skid-mounted and shipped by air or truck to any location or facility. The Ferrator easily retrofits into existing plant infrastructure by piping to and from a self-contained unit. NOTE: This unit treats 60 MGD of water at a 1 ppm dose of Ferrate. It is 44' x 8' x 11' (L x W x H).

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