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Fiberglass Gratings Saudi Arabia


ENCORE is Saudi's leading supplier of Fiberglass gratings & handrail systems. Proven for its high strength, corrosion resistance, safety and long service life in one of the World's most toughest environments meet to the highest international standards. Produced from chemical resistant grade resins, our FRP Gratings and Handrail systems are thermally and electrically non conductive, resistant to UV radiations and are extremely durable in extreme outdoor environments with operating Temperature Range: from -60° C to +100° C. Our gratings range are lightweight, easy to fabricate, erect and are designed to deliver a long reliable service life. Fiberglass gratings and handrails have found a great acceptance in many industry verticals due to its cost competitiveness and performance. Low maintenance and long service life of Fiberglass systems leads to lower life cycle cost than many other traditional gratings, handrail and platform systems.

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