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- Model F-50 - Penetrating Stabilizer Primer



FiberTech F-50 Penetrating Stabilizer Primer is a water-based primer with more than ten times the adhesion of other encasement primers. It has been specially engineered to penetrate, stabalize and permanently lock down a substrate and serves as the primer of the FiberTech System.

Product Description: FiberTech F-50 is a high performance highly flexible, penetrating, stabilizing, water based modified acrylic coating for waterproofing, surface stabilization and protecting masonry, brick, wood and metal surfaces. It has more than ten times the adhesion of other encasement primers and will stabilize all previously painted, including lead based painted, surfaces. Our F-50 is also available with a rust inhibiting additive for used on all metal surfaces. It has excellent penetrating properties. Its unique features are that it’s a single component, water-based, ready to use material. Adds weatherization, sound & insulation properties. It is used as a primer or first coat in conjunction with our F-51 Sealer Coat (finish coat). This product is recommended for use on all masonry surfaces. It is designed to provide a superior first coat seal. It is recommended for use as a primer coat on most roofing surfaces. It is used in conjunction with our polyfabric and F-51 Sealer coat to provide a waterproof system for roof surfaces.

  • Color in container: Milky White/ blue
  • Dry Appearance: Clear or blue
  • Volume Solids: 45%
  • Flash Point: N/A
  • Theoretical Coverage: 120-140 SQ FT/GAL (flat surface)
  • Recommended Dry Film: 5-7 mils per coat
  • VOC: 0 GMS/LTR
  • Viscosity For Spray: 100-105 KU
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year+ (Min 40°F Max 110°F)
  • Surface Temperature: Min 45°F Max 110°F
  • Dry Time @75°F: 2-4 hours @ 75°F
  • Clean Up: Water

Surface Preparation: Previously painted surfaces should be powerwashed (3,000 psi) prior to application of the F-50. The surface should be clean, free from loose mortar, sand, oils, grease, dirt, chlorides, and loose particulates. Allow new concrete, masonry, and stucco to cure at least 14 days prior to application. All masonry and brick and mortar surfaces should be allowed to dry prior to application.

Application: Brush, roller or spray.
Roll: Use ¼” to ½” synthetic roller cover. Roll in one direction. Do not over roll. Conventional Air Spray: Minimum pressure to avoid fingering 2,000 psi. Tips should be .517-.519 Reverse-A-Clean. Fluid Hose ¼” x 100’. Pump should be 1095 (Graco), 1095- 1595 (Graco) or equivalent.

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