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- Model PFV Series - Industrial Dust Collectors



The Filter 1 Pulsatron PFV Series of Industrial Dust Collectors utilize nanofiber cartridge filters to provide effective collection of a broad range of dust particles and contaminates, such as wood dust, welding smoke, composites, plastic dust, dry powder, metal dust, toner, and cement dust. Typical applications for the Pulsatron cartridge dust collector include grinding, sanding, foundry, welding, fabrication, blasting, metallizing, and powder coating.

For easy customization, the Pulsatron collector is available in various dimensions, number of cartridges, and optional features to handle requirements ranging from very fine to moderate dust particles, and light to heavy dust loads.

Rated at MERV 15 efficiency, the Pulstron's cartridge filters are constructed of nanofiber media, tightly meshed of ultra-fine fibers 300-500 nanometers in diameter, screening out sub-micron particles and resulting in easy release of the dust cake during the cleaning cycle. Because the nanofiber filter media operates at a 40-60% lower pressure drop than traditional cartridge medias, the Pulsatron dust collector requires lower energy consumption and features longer filter life.

The vertical orientation of the cartridge in the Pulsatron PFV collector facilitates even loading of the dust and effective removal during the automatic pulse cleaning as the dust falls through an unobstructed path directly into the hopper. Power-pulse reverse-jet cleaning, backflushing the filters with short bursts of compressed air, operates on a solid state controller to provide automatic cleaning. The dust collector is also available with optional backward inclined direct drive blowers for quiet, efficient operation.

  • Ultra-efficiency nanofiber cartridge filters vertically oriented for effective dust removal
  • Automatic power-pulse reverse-jet cleaning for continuous duty, uninterrupted filtration
  • 3 phase TEFC motor on rubber vibration mounts
  • Welded heavy-gauge steel construction with industrial epoxy gulf blue coating

  • Various Filter Medias to Fit the Application: 80/20 Blends, Spun Bond Polyester, Phenolic or PTFE Coated, Fire Resistant, High Temperature, Metal Impregnated
  • Magnetic Motor Starters
  • Hopper Slide Gate
  • HEPA or CARBON Safety Afterfilters with Visible/Audible Alarms
  • Cleaning -- Pulse Control Through Automatic Off-Line Cleaning, Photohelic On-Demand Cleaning, Manual Switch or Continuous Cleaning
  • Backward Inclined Direct Drive Blower
  • Hopper Outlets
  • Rotary Air Locks
  • Fussed Disconnect
  • Magnehelic Gauge
  • 55-Gallon Drum Kits
  • Explosion Latches
  • High Temperature Cutoff
  • Abrasive Inlet
  • Linear Blasters
  • One Pulse Valve Per Cartridge for Heavy Duty Application

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